Monday, August 23, 2010

Black Jack

I had a suggestion for a deck of cards in the style of Queen of green. I don't know about the whole deck, but it's a nice challenge and will see how far I can go with this theme. This guy doesn't really look like a male servant, I guess it was his night off and he decided to dress as a gentleman and smoke his pipe ;-)
Linking to Brag Monday, the Alexandrite stone (from a jewel sheet) and the silhouette are from the Graphics Fairy.


Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

So cute Tania!! I've always wanted to do a whole deck of cards, I just think it would be so fun to make, but time consuming too of course. Thanks for linking this guy up to Brag Monday!

PetraB said...

Very gentleman like and great fun (lol)

Lou said...

Just hopped on over from the Graphics Fairy... and must say, am loving your compilations. Very nice! I'm sure everyone looks forward to receiving birthday cards from you.
I really love this Joker card... would love, love, love to see the whole deck!