Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time out

Hi everyone, I have been out of action for two days with a cold. I was planning to take a blog break next week with the long weekend and a one week school holiday coming up, but have decided to start it now, since I am still not feeling great and have not touched my computer. Keep well!


Ira said...

Take care Tania and take your time, all the best to you, Ira

Jody Meese said...

Take care of yourself Tania, and all the time you need! Good health to you.

Liz Bradley said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! And thanks for leaving me your info so I could visit your lovely blog!
Thanks again,

Lou said...

That's funny that you mention school holidays and a long weekend coming up... we have one here too. I haven't looked, but are you in Australia?

Forget blogging when you're not well- just take the time you need and get well. regards, Louise