Thursday, February 17, 2011

Buying my designs

I am very excited to tell you that some of my designs are now for sale as either prints/cards or downloads through Fotomoto. You will either see a "buy card" or "download"  underneath the designs which are for sale. Some of the older designs are not suited for large prints due to their resolution. Please contact me if you are interested in a specific design as a large print and I will gladly redesign it if possible and make it available.  When you click on "Buy" or "download", the Fotomoto Widget appears and shows a preview of the image and a menu of options. You can select the preferred size, product and paper type before you proceed directly through the sale. You can go here for an overview of the products and quality of their printing. Please note that downloads are for PERSONAL USE ONLY, which means you can print it for your own use and not distribute it or make anything to sell with the design.You will  receive a high resolution print/download without the watermark! Please keep in mind that my designs are collages of mostly scanned vintage images, these are sometimes grainy - but hey that's why they are called vintage! Fotomoto is based in San Fransisco in the US and they have just secured a UK partner, which should help with shipping costs so if you live outside the US or Europe and feel that the shipping cost is too high - please contact me if you re interested in buying a design. 

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Sherrie said...

I am so excited you are selling your designs!
I'll be back soon to start shopping!