Monday, October 31, 2011

The rat and the rooster

In Chinese astrology the rat and the rooster is not compatible - as both are competitive creatures. Rooster is outspoken, keen on the spotlight and grabbing attention - the natural defense of the rat is to nag at the rooster. However this was not the inspiration for my design, our beloved pet rat died over the weekend and I thought it would be fun to include a rat in my design, they love to sit on a height and look at their small world - I will miss her inquisitive cute little face. The rat and rooster and fan graphics are from Graphics fairy - linking to Brag Monday.


fairyrocks said...

Awe, it is always so sad to loose a pet. Lovely little rememberance card. And I always thought Rat was not the nicest name for that little rodent!!

Anonymous said...

I adore what you've created with the fan and the rooster, and the rat is a sweetie. Beautiful collage!

Anonymous said...

Adorable collage. I love the juxtaposition of Karen's rooster and fan, and the rat is a sweetie!